For the time being, to minimize the risks for both our clients and staff against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are enforcing the following precautions:


At this time, we will be seeing our auditory-verbal therapy and Aural Rehabilitation clients via web-based teletherapy. We have had a robust teletherapy program in place since 2012 and have found it to be equally effective at helping children with hearing loss meet their listening and spoken language goals.


We are seeing Audiology Clients on Tuesdays only for urgent cases. Clients are able to use the hearing aid drop-off system for repairs. Please call for details.

We appreciate your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience.


FOR OVER 40 YEARS, the Auditory-Verbal Center, Inc. (AVC), a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3), has provided a family-centered and holistic approach to supporting and improving the lives of the deaf or hard of hearing.

AVC offers truly unique services, making it one of only a few such centers in the United States offering comprehensive Auditory-Verbal therapy and a full-service Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic.

We focus on listening and spoken language, with locations in Atlanta and Macon and for those families who can't make the drive or are out of the state, we offer Teletherapy for the Auditory-Verbal Program.

The Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic is at the Atlanta location and serves anyone from birth to seniors with the primary focus of adult clients.

The Listening and Spoken Language Specialists in the Auditory-Verbal Program teach children with all degrees of hearing loss how to listen and speak WITHOUT the use of sign language or lip reading.

All of our highly-trained specialists can offer services and consultation or referrals on a vast variety of issues concerning auditory-verbal therapy, cochlear implants, hearing aids and a host of other hearing impaired resources for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Did You Know

  • Auditory-verbal therapy clients on Medicaid65%
  • Auditory-Verbal Therapy clients are of Minority59%

Guess What?

  • Access Auditory-Verbal Therapy through Teletherapy100%
  • Auditory-Verbal Therapy clients were born to hearing parents98%

Who are we?

Each year, thousands of children are born with hearing loss. We are laying the foundation for these children for a lifetime of listening and speaking without the need for sign language or lip reading.

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Hear Our Graduates

Several years ago, Kelli, Samantha, and Jonathan had the opportunity to speak at the Georgia State Capitol. They were all born profoundly deaf and are alumni of the Auditory-Verbal Program at AVC. They started wearing hearing aids and currently all three wear cochlear implants to help them hear.

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Meet Brinley

Brinley is a current client of the Auditory-Verbal Program at AVC and wears bilateral hearing aids to help her hear.

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Meet Samantha and Jonathan

Samantha and Jonathan are siblings and were both born profoundly deaf. Samantha wears a Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid and Jonathan wears a Cochlear Implant and CROS.

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