Therapy Format

The Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS™)

We create a therapy plan based on the individual child’s hearing capability, stage of development, and the parent’s needs.

The plan focuses on the following:


A baseline evaluation is conducted upon enrollment to determine a child’s skills and needs. Completion of the program will be based on the child’s acquisition of age appropriate communication skills, which averages between 2-5 years. Some factors that can influence the length of treatment for a child are: the age at diagnosis, severity of hearing loss, developmental delays, and level of participation by parents.


The Auditory-Verbal Center (AVC) offers teletherapy in order to provide specialized services to children and families in rural communities and/or those who do not have access to a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS™). Families receive weekly Auditory-Verbal sessions in an approved venue through the use of video-conferencing software and equipment. The therapist (using the same software and equipment) coaches the parent as he/she performs listening and spoken language activities with their child. The parent, child, and therapist will be able to hear and see one another during the entire one hour session.

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