Professional Training

Professional Training for Graduates

The Auditory-Verbal Center (AVC) offers graduate students and practicing professionals an opportunity to gain university credit and clinical clock hours toward graduation or Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS) Certification.

AVC offers one-week and semester long training opportunities. The practicum format varies depending on the needs of the individual. Goals and guidelines will include a combination of the following activities:


Observations will include children at various stages of Auditory-Verbal development, including children utilizing both hearing aids and cochlear implants, within a variety of therapy activities and teaching styles.


Participants will discuss with a certified LSLS individual therapy plans and format. Students may plan, write, and implement activities for pre-determined sessions, which are videotaped and used as a resource for providing feedback.


Participants may meet and/or observe a licensed Audiologist or Cochlear Implant Audiologist for relevant evaluation and consultation techniques. Parent Insight: Participants may meet with the parent and graduates of AVC’s Auditory-Verbal therapy program to discuss issues surrounding program results, parenting, educational resources, and other pertinent issues for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Participants are encouraged to participate in every aspect of a LSLS job while at AVC, which includes but is not limited to parent training, round table clinical discussions, evaluations, the scoring of test instruments, and report writing.